Secure web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to generate more sales and provide great customer service.

  • Comprehensive solution for automating the sales process of your organization.
  • Process information right from order initiation to customer service call history
  • Generates quality leads & lasting relationship
  • Performs Marketing Automation, sales Force automation, Customer service & Support

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Helpdesk Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is managing the relationships you have with your customers. Businesses must have information about customers from its various channels, Information right from order initiation up to customer service call history. HGS TECHNOLOGIES Connect is a secure web-based, effective Customer Relationship Management tool allows you to utilize the modern technology to collect, collate and process this essential information. It allows you to provide better, efficient, personalized, high-quality service to your customers.

HGS TECHNOLOGIES Connect creates the customer intelligence necessary to develop customer relationships. This feature rich tool utilizes the modern technology to collect and process information right from order initiation to customer service call history. The three functional areas in this package include Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, and Customer Service & Support. It is an ease to use end to end solution for automating the sales process of your organization. With Connect generate quality leads; develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customer.

Key Features

1. Marketing Automation

  • Target the Best Customers
  • Manage Marketing Campaigns
  • Generate Quality Leads

2. Sales Force Automation

  • Get a complete 360-degree view of your customer relationships
  • Provides instant, company-wide access to detailed and integrated client data
  • Update and track all sales opportunity related information
  • Accurate, timely forecasts of revenue and customer demand
  • Ensure timely follow-up with your prospects and customers

3. Customer Service & Support / Helpdesk

  • Resolve customer issues after sale
  • Build customer satisfaction and loyalty


  • Manage customer relationships cost-effectively
  • Client data is centralized and available company-wide
  • Track and Manage your sales pipeline
  • Increase the order closures
  • More than 30+ MIS reports with graphs

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