Inventory Management

Purchase Inventory Application has been designed for the purpose of maintaining the stock details within the organization. Details of items, their price, the stock position, their suppliers details, their issue details, their receipt details are stored and updated using this application.

Main Objectives

The main objectives behind the designing and implementation of the Purchase Inventory System Module:

  • To provide valuable information relating to Various Materials purchased by the organization.
  • To keep track of the supplier and the item details purchased.
  • To Generate the goods receive receipt
  • To generate the reports as on date, for a particular period etc.

Main Features

The Purchase Inventory Application provides a numbers of features for better management of the stock items and in reducing their wastage or misuse. The following are the characteristics/ advantages of the Purchase Inventory Application.

  • Keeps track of the purchase made/ money spent on various items
  • Prevents the stores from getting out of stock by setting re-order/ danger levels
  • Maintenance of Supplier details so that orders can be placed to the right person on time
  • Reduce the paperwork within an organization
  • Generation of reports in user-defined formats
  • Export of reports in various formats such as RTF, HTML, Excel, Lotus, Word Document, etc.
  • Menu-Driven Programs
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Emailing of generated reports from the application itself.

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