Marketing Management Software

Any Companies Future is based on how it is projected in the market and the way its products are marketed. The marketing team plays the most crucial part in the existence of the company. Proper planning of the Marketing team helps in better profits. This package helps in planning and execution of the plans by the marketing department. This module helps in keeping track of all the customers, activities, and business contact details. Reporting of kinds is possible for example the list of activities being conducted for the months, the list of the business contacts, invitee details for different activities.

Main Objectives

  • Manage the activities of the marketing team in an affective way.
  • Maintain the schedule of the meetings and the business plan of the team members.
  • Generate effective report to help the planning.
  • Report of action plans of all the team members can be verified by the administrator

Main Features

  • The package helps to maintain the details for all the marketing team members.
  • To help keep the track of all the approved and not approved plans of the team.
  • The course of action of the plan approved are stored with the full detail.
  • Package helps to give the details of all the pending activities.
  • Helps management in taking important decisions.
  • User friendly and menu driven Software.

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