Real Estate CRM

Introduction to the Real Estate Automation developed by HGS Technologies to automate the company

India has seen surprising growth in the overall Realty section in past 5- 7 years. It has become multibillion dollar market where the leading real estate players have come forward to deliver high rise, multi floor real estate projects. This realty boom has also provided a cutting edge to the big time real estate brokering agencies to which HGS Technologies has provided a winning formula.

The automation system for real estate has been exclusively designed and developed to cater to the requirement of all such companies, which has defined their point of sales, marketing strategies, human resource functions, inbound calling center and other related admin functionalities. The challenge for all such real estate broking house is to inter connect all such departments to gain complete control over the system. HGS Technologies real estate automation system provides the companies with:

  • Complete automation system for real estate companies
  • Interconnected automation modules
  • Lead management and sales automation system
  • Employee management and attendance record management
  • Payment tracking from Customers and Builders


Highlight of the main modules which are developed for Real Estate Automation System

  • Tele Sales Department - this department attends the lead which is generated by any types of advertisement activities, including Radio, Print, TV & other ATL or BTL activities.
  • Sales Department- They start a follow up with the client, performs sales activities and closes the case
  • Human Resource Department- They enrolls the employees to respective departments and under respective heads to perform desired tasks. They are also responsible to count upon their daily performance and incentives.
  • Accounts/Finance Department- They are defined to perform finance related work, including generation of bills, Payment of TDS & other taxes/challans etc.
  • Recovery Department- they are entitled to collect the payment from the clients
  • Admin Department- They are generally the top management which requires all kinds or MIS and reports generated on their click of mouse

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