Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

About HGS Vehicle Tracking
HGS Vehicle Tracking aims to be India’s premier Vehicle Tracking Company which provides accurate and reliable monitoring of any movable asset with our expertise in GPS and GIS. We envision providing reliable hardware device integrated with software applications that guarantees affordable tracking solutions. Vehicle tracking to increase productivity and safety and security is what we are aiming at. We believe in our ability to bring about change through hard work and innovation.

How it works
The tracking device fitted in the vehicle converts the GPS data it receives (based on the latitude, longitude & altitude of the moving vehicle) to the secure servers through GPRS/GSM technology which can in turn be accessed from any device with a browser. Our vehicle tracker device consists of a built-in GPS receiver, modem, sensors, battery and a SIM card. We provide a multiple user login id & password to access the vehicle data in our URL. Vehicle tracking system supports both online and offline tracking. In case of offline, the tracker device continues to receive and store the GPS position details in memory for later retrieval.

Your challenges

  • Safety concerns about your family
  • Misuse of the vehicles
  • Rash driving
  • Excessive idling
  • Wear & tear of the vehicles
  • Accidents
  • Route deviations
  • Waste of time & resources
  • Vehicle/ fuel theft
  • Delay in service delivery
  • Slack in productivity & efficiency
  • Tedious paperwork with respect to billing & invoice
  • Logistics/ trip management

Our solutions

  • LIVE tracking
  • Speed/ odometer readings
  • Fuel level
  • Mileage
  • Ignition on/off
  • Door open/ close
  • Engine/ Vehicle temperature
  • AC on/off
  • Lights on/off
  • Glass open/close
  • Engine RPM
  • Date & distance travelled
  • Direction of the vehicle
  • GPS location

Who can use our services

  • Transportation and vehicle rental services
  • Construction and Heavy machinery
  • Educational Institutions
  • Foods & Beverages
  • IT & ITES companies
  • Waste Management
  • Supply and Distribution
  • Mining, Coal, Cement, Steel, Oil & Gas
  • Emergency Services


Saves time & money : Controlling idling and speed saves fuel cost and prevent frequent vehicle repair& thus cut down operational costs. In built communication mode eliminates need to connect via mobile phone network limiting work time loss & money spent.

Supervision & safety : Managing vehicles by 24/7 monitoring through apps ensures apt management of time schedules by the workforce & easy recovery of stolen vehicle or in rescue operations when untoward incidents happen.

Operational transparency : The information gathered through route deviation alerts using geofence settings; knowledge of distance covered within a stipulated time through route history eliminates false reporting by the field staff.

Deters theft & misuse : SMS/ Email alert when ignition is on/off or when panic button is on/ off can be useful in case of misuse/ theft.

Discourages idling, over speeding, harsh braking : Reports & graphic representation of these activities can be generated at will discouraging such acts by the drivers.

Improve driver’s behavior & fewer accidents : When driver is aware his /her behavior is monitored it results in voluntary compliance & limits idle time & improve their driving performance at work.

Improves efficiency & productivity : Adequate knowledge of the vehicle activity and location helps in quick decision making & trip allocation & route diversions if necessary. Paperless processing enhances workplace efficiency.

Quick & smart delivery : Route optimization & quick response becomes a possibility with real time tracking.

Proof of the vehicle activity : Reports of complete route history, engine status confirm the authorized activity & promote workforce accountability. Images of completed tasks can be uploaded in the gallery as proof.

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